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Vocational Expert Resource - Industrial Rehabilitation Consultants is a professional vocational retraining, Vocational evaluation, expert witness, vocational rehabilitation, vocational assessment, job analysis, work retraining, earning capacity evaluation, labor market evaluation, disability evaluation, bilingual language abilities, vocational testing and assessment service provider for over 20 years. Barbara and Rich Berndt have the expertise and contacts to get any vocational related work done. university place, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Bellevue, washington state

About Industrial Rehabilitation Consultants
Barbara and Richard BerndtIn 1983 Industrial Rehabilitation Consultants was founded by Barbara Berndt. Her work focused on worker compensation with the Department of Labor & Industries. She was one of the initial registrants (#18) to provide vocational rehabilitation services. At that time, vocational services focused on providing assessments and retraining (plan development & plan implementation) in state fund work. By 1987 when the first contracts were established with DLI, Barbara received the highest score statewide for education and work experience.

In 1990 Richard Berndt joined IRC. Rich brings vast experience from the banking, insurance, finance, community service and business development. His family has lived in the Tacoma area since the 1800ís which is a huge asset in developing on-the-job-training and other return to work possibilities These talents are beneficial in the worker compensation system. In the 14 years with IRC Rich has developed expertise to work with employers and with difficult clients who need firm guidance and direction within the limits of worker compensation. With the adoption of the CACO (Complexity-Adjusted Cost Outcomes), Rich has established and maintained IRC in the top scoring firms for Pierce County.

Throughout the years, Barbara has expanded and established her expertise in self-insured worker compensation. She has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies in Washington State and these employers encompasses agriculture, grocery, hospitals, manufacturing, paper and timber industries. In addition, Barbara is bilingual in Spanish and is able to provide all services to non-English speaking clients on behalf of employers.

Forensic vocational assessments began in 1989 with Barbara providing assessments to both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Her work has encompassed personal injury, medical malpractice, family law and marital dissolutions, and worker compensation issues. She has been retained extensively by the Assistant Attorneys General, Labor & Industries Division, for the State of Washington for Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. Barbara has skilled experience in vocational assessments, depositions, and testimony at Superior Court in personal injury cases for both plaintiff and defense counsel. Wage loss, vocational impairment, employability, and trainability are significant issues she has addressed.

Specialized expertise over the past thirty years:
  • Long-Term Disability assessments for national insurance carriers
  • Cultural/bi-lingual issues
  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Employment Security/Unemployment Insurance
  • Involvement as a Stakeholder in changes to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) with the Department of Labor & Industries.
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